Southeast Asian flavours meet Northside mindset at Yuni’s Kitchen

Southeast Asian flavours meet Northside mindset at Yuni’s Kitchen

South East Asian flavours meet Northside mindset at Yuni’s Kitchen

One of our most hidden and most delightful restaurant spots is Yuni's Kitchen.

Tucked away next to the Northcote Church in a little building that over a century ago was the original church hall, Yuni and her partner, Matthew, dish out some of Melbourne's only truly authentic Indonesian fare.

Yuni's kitchen is just that- born and raised in Indonesia, Yuni heads up the kitchen of the restaurant, which opened its doors early last year, bringing all the flavours and favourites from her home to the locals of Northcote, cooking to order and crafting every element of each meal from scratch, her signature dishes including Redang, Laksa and Gado Gado, as well as the traditional Sambal chilli paste which you can now purchase in jars as a take home item, thanks to the numerous requests from diners. Making everything to order is also an intention to ensure that the prevalent vegan and vegetarian community is well taken care of.

The mingling of menu and venue is further emphasised with the inherent sense of community and local consciousness. The recipes may hail from afar, but the ingredients are all sourced locally- as locally as possible to  minimise carbon offset and support the local producers, such as those at our neighbouring Preston Market. All organic refuse is also composted and used to nourish the garden of the Church complex, furthering this connection to local community.

Adding a third component to this eclectic feast for the senses is the smooth sound of classic Jazz which plays as exclusively as the genre of background music- including an upcoming live set from the Northcote High School band.

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Visiting Yuni's Kitchen gives you an instant feel for the the genuine heart, soul and strong values of it's owners- and damn good food on top of that.

Yuni's Kitchen
251 High Street, Northcote (beside Northcote Church)

Mon-Tues: 11am-3pm
Wed-Sat: 11am-3pm, 6-9pm
Sunday: Closed

0455 337 666




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