Rucker’s Hill Cafe, as Northcote as its namesake

Rucker’s Hill Cafe, as Northcote as its namesake

Rucker’s Hill Cafe is of those truly “Northcote” landmarks – that no-brainer place to meet up with a friend or direct an out-of towner to to the area. We took a stroll to the iconic spot at the top of the hill of the same name and chatted to the popular venue’s owner, Igor.


Nestled in its hilltop hood for 6 years, Rucker’s Hill Cafe serves up great food with a side of charm and ambiance. It has a chilled vibe that’s perfect for a lazy weekend brunch, or to grab a coffee and do some work on your laptop without the deafening sound of clattering plates and the hurried hustle bustle of the super trendy Northside Cafes. It’s this unpretentiousness that makes it a favourite hangout for the locals.

Igor and his staff embody the same vibe – friendly, laid back and passionate about making their customers feel welcome (AND well-fed) and making an honest contribution to the local community.

There’s definitely a love for the community that emulates from this popular brunch spot. Pull up a table outside on the street for some fresh air and people watching, or lodge into a cozy spot inside and wile away the hours reading the paper or getting lost in the Cafe’s quirkily decorated interior.

If you’re a local and haven’t visited Rucker’s Hill Cafe yet, do yourself a favour and hit them up this weekend. It’ll be your new home away from home.

Rucker’s Hill Cafe

212 High St, Northcote.

Ph: (03) 9031 6507


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